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Exercises for Pregnancy

Since exercise is great in pregnancy, which exercises are best? A combination of both cardio and resistance training is the absolute best during pregnancy, just like for the general population. Here are some particular exercises that are great to include, as well as some to avoid or use with caution.

Prenatal Yoga Class

Exercises to Include

  • Deep breathing exercises

During pregnancy, the baby takes up more and more space, and often forces women into a shallow breathing pattern. Not only can this contribute to anxiety during pregnancy, but it often throws off the body's alignment and contributes to problems when recovering from pregnancy 

  • Walking

Walking is a great way to get the whole body moving and blood flowing without adding a lot of ground impact forces, like you would get from running or jumping

  • Lower abdominal "TA" (transverse abdominis) exercises

  • Hamstring and adductor exercises

Exercises to Avoid

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